About Me

I am a web designer with 1 year of experience , web developer using PHP (OOP) with 6 months of experience , WordPress developer for 6 months of experience and I am learning Python now . I am an advanced with HTML5 and CSS3 , an intermediate with JS , JQuery , (OOP) PHP and MYSQL and a beginner with Python (till now) . You can check my Work on Here . I am a Computer and Systems engineering department student at Al-Azhar University and I am learning online at a lot of Online resources like Coursera , Treehouse , Udacity and Udemy . I am a team worker , learning fast , love my work and can do a lot of work quickly and perfectly . I’m currently freelancing while I pursue new opportunities and can be reached either through LinkedIn profile ,
by phone at +201067366377 ,
by E-mail at Mohamed.Nsr.ElDain44@gmail.com
or on contact me section on my website : www.MohamedNsr.com.

Work Experience

2015 - 2016


Worked as a Web Designer and Developer at Freelancer for a year .

2015 - 2016

Own Work

Worked In my own work as a Web designer and developer
and Wordpress developer .


Student 2013 - 2019

Al-Azhar University

I am a Computer and Systems engineering student at Al-Azhar University .

Web Design - 2015

Udemy - Udacity - TreeHouse

I've learned Web Design (HTML5 , CSS3 , JS , JQuery) at alot of online learning communities like Udemy , Udacity and Treehouse.

Web Development - WordPress Development - 2015

Udemy - Treehouse

I've Learned Web Development , WordPress Development (PHP , OOP-PHP , MySQL , WordPress, MVC Design Pattern) at alot of online learning communities like Udemy and Treehouse.

Python - 2015


I am learning Python at Coursera , I am a basic programmer and learning at intermediate level .


Html 90%
Css 70%
JQuery 75%
PHP 85%
WordPress 70%
Python 50%

My Projects

Contact Me

District VII, Nsr City , Cairo , Egypt.

Call us : +20 106 736 6377

E-mail : Mohamed.Nsr.ElDain44@gmail.com